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Two Swallows Orange & Ginger Spiced Rum

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Thomas G Hurst has made Two Swallows as a tribute to his famous ancestor Captain Matthew Webb. The Naval Captain rose to global fame in 1875 when he became the first man to swim the English Channel. Webb died in 1883 when trying swim the whirlpool rapids at Niagara Falls. In Naval tradition it is said that if a sailor drowns then the Two Swallows in the tattoo will carry a sailors soul to Heaven.

RIP Captain Webb - “Nothing Great Is Easy”. Two Swallows Orange is a premium rum from Guyana flavoured with Orange & Ginger distilled to 38% ABV.

Two Swallows Orange was designed to deliver the perfect Rum & Ginger Beer. The key spicing notes delivers a spirit where a big splash of orange is swiftly followed by a crackle of warming oak and ginger, with hints of candied pineapple and molasses linger in the background.

Great on its own or with coke, lemonade or ginger beer with a twist of lime.

• ABV 38%
• 50cl
• Product of Guyana

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